What is this all about?

Everyday Fitness is a place for everyday athletes to learn and discuss. It is a place for me to not only write about one of my passions, but also to learn in public as I do so. It’s a place where I can hopefully inspire others to be passionate in health and fitness pursuits, or even just help some people get healthier and fitter without the passion.

The Everyday Fitness processes is based on three stages of building yourself:

  • The Foundation is the stage where untrained people and novices build a base of physical movement capabilities while building resilience.

  • The Frame is the stage where we focus on the underpinnings of fitness - specifically nutrition to create the body you want, mobility to be able to move well and stay injury free, and rest to help recover from stressors.

  • The Structure is the final stage, focusing on building your physical fitness via the following four measurable attributes: strength, power, conditioning, and endurance.

Our true focus here is on being prepared and able to enjoy life the way we want to.

Why Substack though?

I am treating this a bit like a blog, so why am I using substack? Because it’s a nice, open platform that allows me to link people to articles, and allows people to subscribe without needing site level accounts.

In the near term, I am going to open up the paid subscription side of things so people can support my writings. But all these posts will remain free forever.